How we work and our advantages Web Studio

  • Website development is a creative process

    Like every creative process it demands conceptualization and design development. When we develop websites we do our best to define as precise as possible the goals and parametres of the future website according to customer's preference, and to find the most effective and original concept to achieve these goals.

  • Custom design is an advantage of your business

    Website is your representative body on the Internet. Like all the peole and companies have individual fetures, these features and atmosphere are to be rendered on the website. Our studio develops recognizing and bright websites, which show special aspects, objectives of the company and main information about it to users.

  • Using СMS Open Source

    We develop websites using CMS Open Source. Website development, based on CMS, allows reducing development costs and at the same time increasing the possibility of website expansion and modification in the future. The openness of the source code and the use of classical programming languages opens up broad opportunities of the website modernization as it or the company is developing! Using CMS Open Source enables changing the nature of the site without increased costs: from a simple brochure website to a full-featured corporate website with further modernization to an online store. 

  • SEO and statistics give a total control over a website 

    Competition among the sites isn't anything new. In this regard, it is very important to manage the site effectively, taking into account the parameters of its indexing by search engines. Website optimization for search engines is a complicated process, but it has already become a standard for site owners. We develop sites on the CMS, thus giving an opportunity to automate the process of a site optimizing for search engines and thereby increase your site traffic and conversion. Search engine optimization (SEO) increases the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high position in the search results page of a search engine. Statistics systems, built in the website, give an extensive information about efficiency of the website and its pages.
  • We develop websites using latest technologies 

    New technologies allow developing more and more productive, competetive websites of high quality. We follow modern trends and create websites using the fastest and the most efficient tools and latest technologies.