Online Advertising Campaign Website Maintenance

Рекламные кампании в Интернете

There is a huge amount of websites on the Internet, so it is difficult for a new website to get a high position in search engines. 

Nowadays the online advertising of websites is one of the most influencing marketing tools. It can increse the amount of visitors (potential customers), thus increasing productivity as well.

Correct promotion or advertisement of your site can significantly increase its attendance. This will increase the sales of your products or the level of interest in the services offered by your company!

Online Advertising Campaigns can be subdivided into:

  • Temporary or "seasonal" advertising campaigns (fast start and fast effect, but after finishing provided effect falls dramatically):
    • contextual advertising:
      • contextual advertising AdWords Google
      • contextual advertising Yandex.Direct.
    • Banner advertising:
      • Google AdWords
      • other banner systems.
  • Long-term website promotion (effectively promotes a website for a long period, but has an inertial effect): 
    • adding of the site to web directories
    • placement of goods on online store aggregators
    • promotional articles:
      • promotional articles in electronic mass-media
      • articles in popular blogs on related topics
      • articles on popular portals.
    • Promotion in social networks:
      • free (independent)
      • paid (with an internal advertising system).
    • Putting videos on popular video-hostings (YouTube, Vimeo)
    • partner links on other websites.

There are a lot of promotional methods. How to choose the best?

Analysis of your potential customers will be just the thing to solve this task. We recommend using several kinds of advertising: either separately or in a complex.

The option, which seemed an optimal one in the beginning, as a result doesn't always bring the maximum amount of benefit. All the options cost differently and cause different effects of both the timing and a quality of promotion!

Site readiness

Do not forget that an efficient promotion of the site will take place only if the site is fully prepared for this and is ready to receive a sufficient number of visitors. Adaptive cross-platform website coding, a high degree of readiness for traffic loads, effective design and ergonomics will greatly enhance the effect of your advertising campaign. Conversely, if the site is not ready to accept visitors, the advertising campaign may lose its effectiveness!

Our studio can be very helpful by:

  • advising on effective online promotion;
  • assisting with your first advertising campaign;
  • setting up a collection of detailed statistics on your site traffic;
  • analysing of the statistics on your site traffic and giving recommendations on the ways of your website productivity improvement.

If you are interested in our services, contact our studio. We are glad to help new clients.