Corporate Website Website development

Corporate Website (Business Website) is one of the most effective methods of advertising and assisting services on the Internet. Corporate Website serves as an advertisment of a company's brand, its services and products; as a way of communication with a client, providing information and practical support.

Corporate Website gives an opportunity to create an interactive communication with clients from almost any geografical area and, what is more, with a minimum budget.

Generally Corporate Websites are developed in strict compliance with corporate identity of the company.

A lot of Corporate Websites are being successfully applied for organization of internal work, accountability and trading arrangement in the company.

Basic sections of the Corporate Website:

  • Main Page (the most important information, news, advertisements)
  • About Company
  • Catalogue of products and services
  • Price-lists
  • Order Form
  • Comments and Suggestions
  • Interactive Maps
  • Gallery
  • Contacts (addresses of all offices, phone numbers, Viber, Skype, e-mail)