Online Store Development

A modern approach to online marketing

Online Store is one of the most effective ways of trade expansion!

Do you want to increase your product marketability? Or maybe:

  • your company is engaged in trade or marketing;
  • you want to expand the circle of your customers and enter new markets;
  • your products are worth being purchased by more people.

Just know, that online shop can significally improve your sales and increase your company rate.

World Wide Web secured a spot for each one :)

Labor Automation

Technological solutions of our products provide serious mechanisms for automating site support processes.They will help you to to keep the information on the site up to date!

Here are some of them:
  • import, export, and batch update of product catalogue through the CSV files
  • automatic price adjustment when the exchange rate changes
  • backups
  • antivirus protection
  • exchange and synchronization of data with 1C-Accounting Suite (ordered separately)
and much more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly


When we develop websites, we always pay attention to the factor that there is serious competition in the Internet environment. Therefore, we produce SEO-oriented websites right from the start. Our sites are already competitive immediately after launching.

But that's not all!

We provide mechanisms in the admin panel of the online stores to make your website as efficient as possible. Even without special knowledge, only having consulted with the developer, you can promote your website in search engines with minimum costs.

Adaptive layout for mobile devices

We have already entered the era of Mobile Internet long ago...

The number of users who operate the Internet through mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and even watches) is growing every day and already has reached 50%. Of course, we develop websites with the most adapted version for all types of devices!

We develop websites to provide your customers with convenient usage no matter what devices they use.

Adaptive websites development - Online Stores Development
Modular Storage System, Online Store Development

Modular System

Our websites are developed according to standards of modular systems.

You will have a possibility to develop your website in the future by adding new functional. There is no necessity to update already configured systems! 
This will significantly reduce costs of the development in the future and make your website up to date over time of its development and with increasing competition rate.

Our advantages!

Our studio has a great experience in development of the electronic commercial websites. An individual approach to customers allows us to build sites that are most adapted to the scope of your company's activities.

Custom design will make your online store recognizable and memorable, and a convenient admin panel will greatly facilitate your work concerning the new site support.

You will like the result of our work!