Website Design Workflow

Web Design is one of the main parametres in website development and successful work in future. Our studio develop recognizing websites only with outstanding, custom design!

Well-tailored design of a website helps visitors to accept content information. An individual approach to each client guarantees the quality and originality of the created site design.

It is desirable that the appearance of the site very accurately reflects its content and helps to better perceive the information presented on its pages. For developed companies it is important to preserve the standards of the corporate style of the company. For companies that have just started their work, so-called start-ups, it is important to identify key points and accents, and based on this the design is chosen, which allows you to beautifully and conveniently display information to site visitors.

Website design development includes preparing of web page layouts (usually in .jpg or .png format). In the process of developing the design, the site main indicators are found out: positioning, style, colors and others. The final version is agreed with the customer.

Web design development:

  • development of the main page
  • positioning selection
  • selection of controls
  • website style development
  • adaptation or development (if necessary) of a new logo
  • development of the secondary pages design (design of the gallery, forum, contact pages, etc., the number of pages, worked out in detail, depends on the wishes of the customer).