Landing Page or Brochure Website (Business Card Website) Website development

Brochure Website (Business Card Website) and a Landing Page is a one-pager. It's one of the simplest but still the most effective ways to announce oneself on the Internet. The idea is to place main information (a name and a short description of a company, a description of services, general information about a team and contacts). 

Despite a relatively small amount of information being placed on a website and a low price of development, Brochure Website is an effective method of advertising.

We develop Brochure Websites with unique, custom design. Development timing of such websites is about 2-4 weeks. Works on website development start after two preliminary stages are completed, i.e. after we come to mutual agreement with our customer on a statement of work and the design of website

Our team develop Brochure Websites in short terms with high quality. Expensive hosting will not be required, so further costs of web site maintenance and support will be minimal. This kind of websites is the most economical.

Brochure Website contains the following basic sections:

  • Main Page
  • Contacts