Statement of Work Workflow

Statement of Work is a written description of the website that's being worked upon. Statement of work development includes: describing main characteristics of the website, its ideas, design, technical parametres. We secure approval for the statement of work with our customer before starting development, that allows us to clearly formulate all the criteria in creating a site before the work on its visual and technical part starts. Qualitatively developed statement of work can significantly reduce the time needed to develop a site. 

Statement of work creating process consists of:

  • definition of a website type (promotional, corporate, e-commerce etc.)
  • style and content of the website:
    • title of website, its main advertising slogans (if necessary)
    • development of the main page general plan
    • development of the menu template and a website map
    • development of content
    • development of general plans for key pages.
  • Clarification of technological parameters:
    • selection of the website domain name
    • choosing of the website CMS (Content Management System)
    • selection of hosting.

Link to look through and download our Statement of Work Form.